We love hearing from our customers here at Treads. So we were delighted to read your latest experiences over on our Facebook page. Take a look what Nikki, Clare and Michelle had to say.

treads school shoes


“These are the best school shoes. Eli’s never last a month but he’s had these since September and they still look new xxxx”

“They are 100% as good as they say my sons have lasted for 18 months now. Will never buy school shoes from anywhere else now” 👍🏻

“I bought my son his first pair he went through shoes like they were made of paper, he’s had some treads for about 3 months now and there still going strong, he’s had numerous other makes and we were lucky if he got a full term out of a pair, he’s 13 and likes to play football at break and lunch” 👞👞”

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