Bringing up children can be rewarding and challenging in equal measure, but for single parents, it can be a real rollercoaster. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the most inspirational single parent bloggers – here’s how they run their households, earn a living, travel, and enjoy their downtime.

Mum in a Nutshell

One to try at home – Ali’s delicious carrot and banana cake
Image: Mum in a Nutshell

Have you ever really listened to how you talk to your children,” asks single mum, Ali? If you weigh up your positive words against your negative, nagging ones, which comes out on top? It can be tough, but since she started listening to herself, Ali has developed some strategies for positive parenting which you’ll love. Remember, Ali says, “you’re shaping an adult from the moment your child is born.”

Mum in a Nutshell is a fun-packed and insightful mix of parenting knowhow, and home and lifestyle tips from Devon-dwelling Ali who, with three teen and tween boys, and now a very cute baby girl, certainly has her hands full. How, we wonder, does she find the time to make such awesome carrot and banana cakes?

More Than Toast

Try a gorgeous chicken curry that even your kids will eat
Image: stockcreations

Looking for a recipe for a meal even the pickiest of kids won’t turn their noses up at? Why not give Alice’s summer chicken curry a try? Other than fresh coriander, the rest of the ingredients are kitchen cupboard staples, and best of all, it only takes 30 minutes to make. Perfect for when you’re in a rush.

More Than Toast is a blog founded by “Entrepreneur, Author, Writer, Single Mum and one-time swimwear model Alice Judge-Talbot.” It’s full of helpful advice on motherhood, travel, interiors and more. Worried about debt? Alice says, “in 6 years I’ve gone from being in a place of heavy debt and red letters to being an attractive candidate for credit.” Check out her blog to find out how you can rehabilitate your credit rating.

Lakes Single Mum

The atmospheric Wray Castle in the Lake District
Image: David Hughes

Anyone for a spot of fell running? If you’ve ever wanted to know more about this crazy Cumbrian sport, you’ve come to the right place. When Lakes Single Mum Becky made the move from Hastings to Cumbria ten years ago, she took to the hills and has never looked back. Think hill walking…and a lot of running. Check out her montage of highlights from this year’s Giggleswick fell run complete with water jump.

Great insights into the life of a family of a single mum with two kids, plus some wonderful pics of the stunning Cumbrian landscape are on offer here. A lovely site to visit and full of info for anyone thinking of planning a trip to the region. You’ll love Becky’s account of the walk from Wray Castle around Windermere – it looks very atmospheric.


Discover the surprising health benefits being a dad has on your kids
Image: Shutterstock

Being a good dad has some surprising health benefits for your kids, says DaddiLife’s lead writer, Hugh Wilson. According to recent research, “when dads were more involved with tasks like dressing, brushing teeth and bathing, their children were – on average – 33% less likely to become obese between the ages of two and four.” Check out the full post to find out why it helps to be a hands-on dad.

DaddiLife – “a place where dads can learn, grow and celebrate the life that is dad” – offers a host of great resources for all the fathers out there. From how to keep yourself and your growing brood fit and healthy, to managing your money, and some great resources for working dads, there’s something for everyone here.

Northern Mum

Follow Jane’s tips for painting your kid’s room
Image: Jacob Lund

If you’re about to redecorate a kid’s bedroom, don’t break out the paint brushes until you’ve checked out Northern Mum’s top tips, beginning with this: “Get them involved – kids love helping make their room their own.” There’s also great advice on choosing a colour scheme (neutral and easy to touch up), budgeting, lighting and more.

Mum-of-three Jane blogs about raising happy, healthy kids, getting the most from family life, and Crossfit: “In my lycra, vest top, and wrist straps I am more than a worker, more than a mum, I am proud to wear the title of athlete (even though it makes me giggle when I think about it).” Inspiring stuff, Jane.


A winner – a birthday sleepover under canvas
Image: LightField Studios

Sleepovers have a pretty bad rep don’t they? All sugar highs and tired eyes,” writes journalist, blogger, and mum of two, Julia. It’s all true, she reports. But tremendous fun too, especially when you hire indoor teepees for the residents and guests – they look fab.

Rainbeaubelle is a highly readable and entertaining look at family life for a single mum, and also offers a window onto widowhood. Julia writes with honesty and candour about her husband Roger’s death from cancer, and her insights on loss have much to offer anyone dealing with the loss of a partner, and the challenge of dealing with grief while nurturing grieving children. This is definitely one to bookmark.

Who’s the Mummy?

Sally and Flea have great fun together
Image: Who’s the Mummy?

Looking for Young Adult books about race and social justice? Check out ‘Watch Us Rise’ by Renee Watson and Ellen Hagan, says Sally Whittle from Who’s the Mummy. “Flea loved this book and it inspired her to want to get involved in activism for social justice.” Flea, Sally’s 14-year-old daughter helped with the list of ten YA novels focusing on race – it’s essential reading for anyone interested in guiding their teen’s equality education.

A journalist who now writes about family, travel, and lifestyle, Sally is a happily single mum with lots of insightful things to say. Are you thinking of adopting, or have you already adopted – make sure you take a look at Sally’s post about adoption trauma – as an adopted child herself, her words are well worth your time.

Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

Should boys be told to ‘man up’?
Image: Zurijeta

Martyn’s kids like baking, cooking, playing with dolls and even having their nails painted. And as far as the man behind Inside Martyn’s Thoughts is concerned, it’s all good. In fact, says divorced dad Martyn, “being a ‘man’s man’ and made to ‘man up’ is the worst possible goal for anyone, young or old.” Agree? Whether you do or you don’t, Martyn offers an interesting take on gender identity.

Suffering from a form of muscular dystrophy, Martyn talks about being a dad, home schooling, and even cookery on this interesting and thought provoking blog. Enjoy a good read as Martyn, who is also a teacher, documents his unique parenting journey – you’ll love his posts about home educating his son, Will. Do you have a problem getting your kids to focus? Try ten minute lessons, says Martyn.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of the best single parenting blogs out there. Did we miss yours? Do drop us a line via our Facebook page – we’d love to hear from you.

Lead image: Jacob Lund

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