Feel like you lost a little of your mojo when you became a parent? If you’re looking for fashion makeover inspiration, cost effective design hacks for your home, and ideas to keep fast-growing kids in shoes and clothes – here are the blogs to bookmark. 

Full of hints and tips, these supremely stylish bloggers will help you dress better, make your home insta-worthy and keep kids clothed for less.

Dress Like A Mum

Who says breastfeeding can’t be stylish?
Image: Dress Like a Mum/Jane Looker Photography

Who says mums can’t dress [well], that they can’t have fun, that they have to give up (or change) their identity, actions, hobbies, style etc. just because we have a kid or two,” says Zoe, creator of Dress Like a Mum? To prove her point, she shows just how stylish breastfeeding-friendly dresses can be – as she says: “Dresses and breastfeeding are not mutually exclusive - you just have to find the right ones.”

There’s plenty of fun family stuff here too – you’ll love Zoe’s post about Lego Dots. She says they’re like Lego but offer more of an arty feel: “there’s more scope for creativity through pattern making and the use of colours and it feels somehow more free.”

Honest Mum

‘Mumboss’ Vicki’s blog is full of sage wisdom and great advice
Image: Honest Mum

Low carb dark chocolate mousse? “Hmm,” we hear you say. “Yes please!” Just one of several delightfully decadent treats that come courtesy of Honest Mum, a visit to this site is an invitation to pamper yourself – and not just your tastebuds either. Here you’ll also find plenty of giveaways and offers, plus excellent styling advice.

Writer, filmmaker and TV broadcaster, Vicki features regularly on BBC Breakfast, BBC World News, Sky News and BBC Radio 5 Live – her top style tip? “Some of the most stylish women in the world, the French, regularly use tailors, especially when buying from the high street and in the long-run, it actually SAVES money.” For more of Vicki’s words of wisdom, check out her book MumBoss.

A Baby on Board

Check out Gill’s stylish use of colour around the home
Image: A Baby on Board

How do you add some tasteful colour to your family home? “Keep it neutral but add colourful highlights,” says Gill from A Baby on Board: “We have greige-y carpet or wooden floors throughout the house, and then white or grey walls, with colour added elsewhere, from artwork through to painted doors.” Check out Gill’s post – 5 ways to add colour to your family home – to see what she’s done with the kids’ bedrooms.

A Baby on Board is a blog for parents, both in the midst and beyond the baby bubble. It covers pregnancy and parenting, style, family-friendly interiors and things to do in London. Looking for fun indoor activities? Check out Gill’s 101 fun things to do at home with the kids. From fitness classes to making your own playdough, Gill has it covered.

Fashion Mum of 40

Annmarie knows her fashion and shows you how to shop
Image: shutterstock

If you’re a mum looking for some style inspiration to keep you looking forty-something and fabulous, you’ve come to the right place. Check out Fashion Mum of 40’s Boden sale edit. The shirt dress is a classic ‘must’ have’, while the traditional girl’s floral dress offers zesty styling with a nod to olde world nostalgia.

This mum’s fashion and lifestyle blog is the brainchild of self-confessed fashion-mad forty-something, Annmarie. She offers just the right advice to help you create a flattering look for yourself and your kids – do remember to check out her great page on beauty products: “Strange times call for you to look after yourself, be it exercise, eating healthy and above all being kind to yourself and others.

Scandi Mummy

Nadia aka Scandi Mummy is from Denmark
Image: Scandi Mummy

Prefer the freedom of a bikini but the feel of a swimsuit? Try a ‘tankini’, says Scandi Mummy: “One thing I particularly like is how easy it is to mix and match to create your own unique look.” Check out her awesome swimwear feature – you’re sure to find the inspiration you’re looking for to help you choose your perfect beach ensemble.

Scandi Mummy is a treasure trove of great fashion ideas, also with fun and helpful posts on parenting, travel and more. And the ‘Eats’ section is pretty awesome too – check out Nadia’s quick and easy meals the whole family will love. Our recommendation – loaded potato skins.

Cuddle Fairy

Your very own Cuddle Fairy, Becky from the west coast of Ireland
Image: Cuddle Fairy

There’s positivity around every corner,” says Cuddle Fairy, and natural energy healer, Becky. Let’s face it, with our hectic modern lives, that’s just as well! If you happen to be struggling to find your good vibe, or even if you just want to keep yourself topped up on positive feelings, this is the place for you.

Check out Becky’s four minute meditation with affirmations – it’s a great way to dip a toe into the wellness water. Alternatively, why not take a look at Becky’s insightful post ‘Happiness is an inside job’. It’s just the thing to help parents rediscover their inner mojo. Looking for more? Becky helps you to rock a leather jacket with confidence, or update your summer wardrobe in her fashion section – and as the former Marc Jacobs store ambassador in Neiman Marcus, New York, Becky is a stylish mum who knows her stuff!

Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

Karen has colour well covered
Image: Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

Sick of the sight of your white PVC door? Karen can tell you how to change all that. Start by cleaning your door, she says – a good sugar soaping should do it. Next is masking, hardware removal and priming. Check out her blog to find out which primer and top coat she thinks you should go for – you need the right product or you’ll be left with peeling paint.

Well I Guess This Is Growing Up is an award-winning Manchester-based Colour & Culture blog, with a focus on interior design.” If you’re looking for some colour know-how plus overseas influences for your decor and DIY projects, Karen’s blog offers a wealth of ideas. You’ll love her post about Moroccan interiors – very sumptuous.

Mother’s Always Right

Molly fights the fat shamers
Image: Mother’s Always Right

As a mum, I feel really passionate about changing the body image culture my girls are growing up in,” says Molly of Mother’s Always Right. A podcaster, presenter and blogger with a passion for positivity, confidence and body image chat, you’ll find her blog packed with interesting and insightful content to get you thinking differently about the way we look versus the way we’re told we ought to look.

Struggling with negative body image following pregnancy? Remember: “fat is not a feeling. Identifying the emotion you’re *actually* experiencing is a great way to ground yourself in your body and gain some perspective,” says Molly. Check out her full post to help you identify where you’re at.

Life Unexpected

Busy bags: practical fun for little hands
Image: shutterstock

If you’re looking for some lighting ideas for the home, be sure to check out Chloe’s “lighting inspiration for your home decor” post over at Life Unexpected. For those tricky dining room spaces, she says “you may wish to hang some lights above the table similar to how you use lights above a kitchen island; these create a centrepiece and also illuminate the area.

As well as offering awesome home-decor tips, Chloe also writes about parenting, work, pregnancy and travel. Looking to keep little minds occupied during those moments when you’re too busy to play? You need one of Chloe’s busy bags packed with fun activities for little ones – and with threading games, jewellery making and more to choose from, kids are guaranteed to love them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of motherhood and lifestyle blogs to bookmark. Did we miss one of your favourites? Drop us a line via our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you.

Lead image: Shutterstock

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