Bored of dishing up the same old boring family meals week in, week out? We get it. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you’re cooking for kids. Especially if they’re on the fussy side. 

But if you’re ready to shake up the way you do dinner, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for you. Here are ten fantastic family food bloggers to help you revolutionise mealtimes.

My Fussy Eater

Homemade pizza is a quick & easy meal for fussy eaters
Image: Martin Turzak

If you struggle to get your little one to eat well, you’ll love My Fussy Eater. Ciara started her blog back in 2014 to put some fun back into cooking for her own picky eater - then 3-year-old daughter Aoife.

There’s plenty of advice dealing with fussy eating - including why eating family meals together every night might actually be making things worse.

And there are tonnes of nutritious, kid-friendly recipes, like one-pot mac ‘n’ cheese with hidden courgettes - all made in one pan, so less washing up. Get kids involved and let them assemble their own 5-minute pizza recipe.

Jo’s Kitchen Larder

Jo’s peanut butter millionaire’s shortbread is both sweet and salty
Image: Jo’s Kitchen Larder

“Do you often find yourself reaching for that takeaway menu at the end of the working week as you are simply too tired and fed up to cook anything yourself?” asks Jo of Jo’s Kitchen Larder.

Don’t worry. If you’re saving your pennies, she has some brilliant home-cooked alternatives, including a quick and tasty chicken chow mein recipe.

Other standouts are Jo’s wild garlic pesto baked salmon with gnocchi and the most incredible millionaire’s shortbread made with salted peanuts and peanut butter for that salt-sweet taste (pictured above).

Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

Wow your family with this easy but impressive mushroom bourguignon
Image: Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

“I don’t believe in using weird or hard-to-find ingredients just for the sake of it – it’s perfectly possible to create a tasty vegetarian meal using just ingredients from your local supermarket,” writes Becca of Easy Cheesy Vegetarian.

Whether you’re a veggie convert, a committed vegetarian, or just want to introduce more meatless meals into your diet, you’re all very welcome over at Becca’s blog - Easy Cheesy Vegetarian.

Her speciality is creating simple, satisfying recipes. Check out her 31 vegetarian one-pot dinners and this delicious mushroom bourguignon: “Pretend you’re posh and wow your friends with this French stew, which you actually prepared in about 20 minutes!”

Easy Peasy Foodie

This sticky chicken traybake makes the perfect midweek treat
Image: Easy Peasy Foodie

“I am a massive fan of meal planning – I strongly believe getting into a regular habit of meal planning can save you money AND time, reduces waste AND means you eat more healthily too,” writes Eb of Easy Peasy Foodie

If you’d like to follow her method, Eb has a free 4-week meal plan on her blog, complete with recipes and shopping lists to take the thinking out of a whole month’s family mealtimes.

Her recipes are easy and tasty, and they generate very little washing up. Check out her quick, delicious midweek meals, including lentil bolognese, and the spectacular sticky chicken traybake pictured above.

Searching for Spice

Corina loves serving spiced, international food to her family
Image: Searching for Spice

Mum and cook Corina is forever Searching for Spice and she encourages her own kids to try varied and interesting world foods too:

“Luckily, my children will eat spicy food as long as it’s not too hot. Because of this many of my recipes include tips for how to adapt the recipe to suit different members of the family. Just because they are children, they shouldn’t have to eat boring bland food!”

We really like the sound of her mint and lamb meatballs with North African spices and chipotle lime chicken.

Corina is a big fan of ‘cook once, eat twice’ recipes - and tends to batch cook her favourite dishes to freeze for another day - saving time and effort. Great idea!

Skint Chef

Make this chicken and bacon pie your new family staple
Image: Skint Chef

The Skint Chef team started their blog because they found that most of the online recipes they wanted to try were expensive to recreate:

“Trouble is, the recipes that popped up – while they sounded delicious – were full of random ingredients we never have in the cupboard and we weren’t willing to go out and get them as a one-off. So, we started coming up with our own easy, tried and tested family recipes.”

You’ll love their Chinese chilli chicken ‘fakeaway’, easy chorizo risotto and - the ultimate in comfort food - chicken and bacon pie, pictured above.

Sneaky Veg

Beetroot in chocolate brownies? It might sound crazy, but it works!
Image: Sneaky Veg

“When my eldest son turned 18 months he suddenly refused to eat ALL fruit and vegetables – with the exception of raisins and fruit smoothie pouches,” writes Mandy Mazliah of Sneaky Veg. “He’s now added olives to that list but still eats no fruit and very little veg.”

Mandy’s blog features the vegan, vegetarian and hidden vegetable recipes that she cooks for her own fussy eaters. Check out her 35 deliciously tempting vegetable recipes for kids and her gnocchi with broccoli and veggie sausages.

Sweet-toothed little ones will love Mandy’s chocolate beetroot brownies (shown above) and her two-ingredient strawberry and banana ‘nice cream’.

Recipes from a Pantry

Bintu’s shrimp creole is easy to make and full of flavour
Image: Recipes from a Pantry

“African cooking is easy and delicious (my English husband seems to think so, anyway),” writes Bintu of Recipes from a Pantry.

Mother-of-two Bintu was taught to cook by her grandmother in Sierra Leone and is on a mission to share her knowledge of traditional and fusion African recipes through her blog.

Check out her best dang shrimp creole (pictured above), Jamaican rice and peas and her orange and lemon crockpot chicken thighs.

Family, Friends, Food

Try this unusual English breakfast dish
Image: Martin Turzak

Mum Helen, of Family, Friends, Food, loves to create delicious kosher recipes inspired by British, European and Middle Eastern dishes.

“I named my blog after three of life’s most important things – family, friends and food. The occasions when you get all three together are some of the best times you can have!” she writes.

Try her superb oven-baked cod with sundried tomato and herb crust, for a weeknight supper. If busy schedules make it tricky to eat together in the week, why not make a family date for brunch on the weekend? We love the idea of this easy smoked mackerel kedgeree recipe or Helen’s ‘full Jewish breakfast’ - which switches sausages and bacon for wurst, and hash browns for latkes.

The Free From Fairy

Try Vicki’s delicious vegan, free-from take on traditional pesto
Image: The Free From Fairy

Vicki Montague is a scientist and recipe developer who specialises in creating free-from foods. Inspired by her daughter who has coeliac disease, she developed the world’s first wholegrain, gluten- and rice-free flour blend.

“I believe that with some kitchen experimenting everyone can eat delicious, healthy and nutritious food and nobody needs to feel left out,” she writes.

And no one will feel left out, with genius recipes like Vicki’s gluten-free Oreo cookies. Looking for alternatives to everyday favourites? Bookmark Free from Fairy for clever ideas like this gluten-free pizza and vegan pesto made with brazil nuts and sundried tomatoes.

We hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration to liven up family meals. And if you’ve got any family food blogs you’d like to share with us, please drop us a line over on our Facebook page.

Lead image: Evgeny Atamanenko

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