The Elf on the Shelf has heard about Treads’ indestructible guarantee, and they wanted to work together to see if they could give it their best shot. What better way to wear out the soles than by challenging each other to a race?

While our Elves are scheming to put Treads to the test, we want to see what your Elf on the Shelf is getting up to with your Treads! Send us your Elf on the Shelf snaps and you could win a new pair of Treads shoes. Enter by using the hashtag #TreadsClub, and we’ll pick a lucky winner on December 31st.

There must be some way to ruin these shoes; they can’t really be indestructible! The race didn’t seem to work because the soles are still intact. Maybe a game of Angry Birds will give the leather uppers a proper test. Yes, let’s topple this Treads tower! Not even Treads will be able to survive that, surely. Right everyone, after three…

Neither the shoe race or the game of Angry Birds worked, so the elves have tried to think outside the shoebox for their next attempt. Next they decided to take the shoes for a sail around the kitchen sink - but there was something sinister lurking beneath the surface. The Elf on the Shelf spotted the shark fin circling them, and cried out “I’m going to need a bigger shoe!”


The Elf on the Shelf made a quick escape from the shark in the sink, and needed a calming bath to recover from the excitement. What better way to do just that than by using their Treads shoe as the bathtub?

Nothing seems to be working when it comes to destroying these Treads. Perhaps taking a leaf out of Santa’s book and turning them into their very own sleighs will put the shoes through their paces! Maybe a sleigh race will be able to achieve what the shoe race couldn’t…

Will nothing destroy these Treads?! Perhaps if the Elf on the Shelf sends ’em to sleep with the fishes they’ll be able to succeed…Otherwise the Elf on the Shelf might have to pull the plug on this plan!

After so many failed attempts, the Elf on the Shelf is determined to destroy at least one pair of Treads. Ah ha, this is more like it! The elves found this handy tool kit hiding under the tree. No one will mind if they borrow it before Christmas to put these Madrid shoes to the test!

The tool kit didn’t work out as planned, so the Elf on the Shelf decided to give a spot of Christmas cooking a go. Elves love a feast of Christmas chocolate and candy canes, so that’s what’s going in with their Treads dinner… Yum!

As we get closer to Christmas, the Elf on the Shelf is in high spirits. The Treads shoes might be proving more of a challenge than they first thought, but they’re determined to give it their best shot! What better way to let off some steam than with an epic snowball fight?

T’was the night before Christmas, and the Elf on the Shelf was waiting for Santa to arrive. Soon the clatter of hooves could be heard outside, so the Elf on the Shelf scrambled to hide beneath the tree, eager to meet jolly Saint Nick. As Santa entered the room, one Elf on the Shelf nudged the other. “Look!” they cried, “Santa’s wearing Treads!”

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