Whether you’re in the thick of learning how to juggle two tiny ones at once, or your siblings have already started school, having twins is a roller-coaster experience. 

It’s a huge help when you’ve got other twin parents on your side. So if you’re in need of a little twinspiration (sorry!), here are some of our favourite bloggers to share their top tips…

DIY Daddy

Nigel with his twin girls
Image: DIY Daddy

DIY Daddy Nigel, has five kids including incredibly funny 7-year-old twin girls. He shares day-in-the-life stories of the realities of bringing up twins over on his blog. Like how completely different his two girls are, and how to deal with the inevitable twin fights.

For all the hard work involved with raising twins, there are advantages - like last year, when both of his daughters had wobbly teeth at the same time. One twin’s tooth fell out somewhere in the house and they all set about the near-impossible task of finding it. But quick-thinking Nigel had a plan: “I thought, lets use R’s tooth from the other day which I quickly retrieved from the bin! … I put it in the hallway while nobody was watching…The smile on her face said it all! She had her tooth for the Tooth Fairy!

Here Come the Girls

Becky loves her twins’ special bond
Image: superelaks

Warm and humorous teacher Becky is mum to three girls, including twins. Over on her blog Here Come The Girls she shares loads of the things that have helped her along the way (no, not prescription drugs and alcohol), like finding a twins club: “It does help to have other people who understand.

Check out her lovely post on the joy of witnessing the special bond between her children and enjoying twin cuddles. And for a giggle or two, read the answers she’d really like to give to those irritating questions random passersby always seem to ask when they see her girls together. It made us chuckle!

Renovation Bay-Bee

Steph balances renovation alongside family life
Image: Renovation Bay-Bee

Mum-of-three Steph has a wonderful family including identical twin girls. She’s also the driving force behind the Renovation Bay-Bee blog and is constantly busy renovating the family home. With a home-improver’s keen eye, she’s got tonnes of tips on how to make the most of space for multiple kids. We particularly love this post on creating extra storage in a small bedroom.

And as mum to an older child too, she totally gets how hard it can be to bring twin babies into an existing family: “I survived the little twin years, and still bringing up an older one!! There was no laying in bed after a bad night with the twins, I had to be up and getting my eldest to school on time!

Mari’s World

Mari’s twins are her world
Image: Mari’s World

‘Yes!’ she exclaimed gleefully, relieved herself that her news was so good for us.’You’re expecting twins.’” Mari retells the heartstopping moment when she and her husband went for her 8-week scan. She started her blog in 2010 when the girls were born and she’s been writing Mari’s World ever since. As well as the twins, Mari also has two grown-up children who live in Italy with her grandchildren.

Alongside updates and funny stories from family life, you’ll find blog posts on the ‘mission impossible’ that is potty training twins and the couple’s reasons for keeping their twins together at infant school.

Meet the Wildes

Discover what it’s like to have five children under five
Image: Shutterstock

Over at Meet the Wildes, Amber and Kirsty blog about life as a same-sex couple with two(!) sets of twins and a baby. You’ll find posts on LGBTQ parenting, fertility, IVF and some utterly beautiful writing about modern motherhood.

Standouts are the touching post on the swirling feelings of gratitude that come with having donor-conceived children and this most beautiful description of the bittersweetness of maternal love:

Motherhood feels like that… like coming home exhausted and seeing a litter of pyjama-clad preschoolers perched on the bedroom window sills like kittens. Like the sort of smile where you can feel, really feel, the wrinkles at the corner of your eyes.

Mini Travellers

Karen’s twins’ love exploring different cultures
Image: Mini Travellers

Blogger Karen has three girls - two of them identical twins, and all of them are keen ‘mini travellers’. You’ll find all you need to know about travelling with bigger families on Karen’s blog, like this post on finding cheaper flights for your family holiday.

This Mini Travellers family has been all over the world together and Karen is convinced that the experience has opened up so many learning opportunities for her kids:

Travel will open your kids’ eyes to the wonders of the world and teach them in ways that are not possible within the confines of the classroom.”

Mummy 2 Twindividuals

Amanda focusses on her children’s individuality
Image: Evgeny Atamanenko

Ex-primary-school teacher Amanda loves her time at home with twins Jessica and Emily. She’s keen to encourage their ‘twindividuality’ by dressing them differently and making sure they each get one-to-one time with her. We also love her recent post about revolutionising family meal times and nipping fussy eating habits in the bud. It offers great practical tips for any frustrated parent.

Amanda didn’t have a straightforward journey to motherhood. She understands how hard it can be to find advice when you’re on a similar journey, so she shares her own experience on her blog Mummy 2 Twindividuals:

Our story has a happy ending but it is an experience I’ll never forget and one that will affect me everyday as a parent. I make decisions remembering our journey and I appreciate our girls more than I possibly could have if I had not gone through this.

Mummy Lauretta

Laura, Matteo, and their bilingual boys
Image: Mummy Lauretta

Laura is mum to bilingual twin boys. She learned Italian at university and came home from her year abroad determined never to fall for an Italian man - then did precisely that in her local Nottingham nightclub! The rest is history.

Follow Mummy Lauretta and her bilingual boys’ twin adventures month by month on the lovely photo journal. And check out her delicious Italian-inspired family recipes, like homemade pizza and this red pesto gnocchi: “You know it’s good when you get a thumbs up from the kids and your Italian other half!

The Twinkle Diaries

Caro’s blog oozes creativity
Image: The Twinkle Diaries

Mother of twins, Caro is a designer and maker, so expect fabulous projects on The Twinkle Diaries (including a rather gorgeous caravan renovation). Her Christmas nutcracker biscuits are our favourite baking blog post of the season!

Caro started writing about life with twins before they were even born, in a pregnancy diary. Once they arrived, she realised the importance of getting to know other multiple mums. Check out her ‘twinterview’ project - conversations with other twin mamas:

It’s made me realise what a fantastic honour it is to be a mama of multiples and also gives me a boost to know that parents of twins are so supportive of others in the same boat. It’s like being a member of a very special club!


Beth’s identical twins also have an older brother
Image: Twinderelmo

Parents of multiples will find lots of helpful advice on Beth’s Twinderelmo blog. Like her post on coping with twins if you’re on your own (Beth’s husband regularly works away) and five problems your twins might have at school - including dealing with solo play dates and deciding whether you should keep them together in the same class?

There’s also a touching post on why she regrets ‘twinning’ - dressing the girls in the same outfits: “As time has gone on and the girls have gotten older, I now realise that twinning for us is wrong and I regret dressing my girls the same.” For honest insights that are as comforting as a chat with a good friend, Beth’s blog is the place to be.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these twintastic blogs. If you’ve got a favourite twin blogger you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you over on our Facebook page.

Lead image: Zoia Kostina

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  1. Bless u all. I am a mum of identical twin boys. Now 18 I feel I have been very lucky in that they have always been a breeze!. Obviously there have been little scraps here and there but overall they have been easy. I will blog about them over on My Purple Days at some point soon x

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