If your family finances are feeling the pinch, it’s time to call in the cavalry. Here are nine of the best frugal family bloggers, each with bucket-loads of thrifty knowledge to share. So if you’re looking for help to stretch your money a little further every month, here’s the place to start…

Home and Horizon

This gorgeous outdoor bar was once an unloved bike shed
Image: Home and Horizon

Lauretta is the kind of woman who can turn a shabby old bike shed into a swanky garden bar. This thrifty blogger has two big passions in life - interiors and travel (hence her blog’s name: Home and Horizon). And she loves to show her readers how to save money without compromising on style.

“You’d be amazed at how much money you can save by making just a few small changes!” says Lauretta. She’ll show you how to revamp your home on a shoestring, how to find the cheapest beach holiday accommodation and how to double your time off work and stretch out your holiday allowance with a little clever planning.

Shoestring Cottage

Embrace the art of ‘frugal fashion’
Image: Sussi Hj

Jane is “living her best life on a shoestring.” After spending many years just scraping by, Jane decided that enough was enough and took control of her spending. She sees frugality as “giving yourself a pay rise”’ - freeing up the money you spend on things you don’t really care about, so you can spend it on the things that you do.

She’s straight-talking and no nonsense. Jane debunks the arguments that prevent people from being more frugal and tells you exactly why you’re so broke. But it’s not all finances and no fun at Shoestring Cottage. She knows how to look gorgeous on a budget and has mastered the fine art of frugal fashion.

Much More With Less

Faith knows how to live happily with less
Image: Much More With Less

To me, money isn’t boring – it can set you free. Money brings freedom and choice, but lack of it, as debt, can destroy lives,” says Faith of Much More With Less. When Faith and her family gave up their city jobs to move to the country, they needed to find a way to live on less and make the most of it.

Her regular ‘5 frugal things’ posts will help you tackle everything from returning to work to enjoying Valentine’s Day on a budget. Faith is a former deputy personal finance editor at The Daily Telegraph, so you’ll also find posts on investing your money and why you shouldn’t cash in your pension.

Family Budgeting

Becky’s blog helps stay-at-home mums save and earn money
Image: Shutterstock

Mum of two, Becky Goddard-Hill, loves blogs - she has no less than nine of them including Family Budgeting! She’s also the author of several parenting books including How to Afford Time off With Your Baby - a book that helps new parents economise and find new ways to bring in money while being off work with young kids.

Becky’s blog has tonnes of money-making ideas for stay-at-home mums. We also love her advice for parents of older kids, like how to teach teenagers about money and how to enjoy London on a budget.

Savvy in Somerset

Fiona was savvy enough to save up a 35% deposit on her first house
Image: Savvy in Somerset

“My journey into the world of extreme money saving started when my partner and I decided to buy our first house together. We decided to aim for around a 35% deposit despite being on relatively low incomes. It took five years, but we did it,” says Fiona Hawkes of Savvy in Somerset.

Her blog is all about getting the most out of the cash you have, and making extra money wherever you can as a bonus. She has loads of money-making tips - including how to make money back from your wedding, how to set relationship money goals with your partner and the ten things she stopped buying to save money.

My Money Cottage

Clare has been successfully working from home for almost a decade
Image: My Money Cottage

“Our finances first took a hit when both myself and my husband were made redundant within a month of each other whilst I was pregnant with our daughter,” writes Clare McDougall of My Money Cottage. “Being pregnant meant I’d struggle to get another job so I spent that time working on things online in order to bring in extra cash.”

Clare has been making a full-time income from home for almost a decade. Follow her blog to find out how to find genuine work-from-home jobs and how to know which ones to avoid. Clare also posts on how to do the things you want while saving money and living frugally. For instance, check out her tips on how to live plastic-free on a budget.

Time and Pence

Learn how to get that perfect work-life balance
Image: Time and Pence

The voice behind Time and Pence, Michelle gave up her stressful corporate career to enjoy more time with her family 16 years ago. “I have done many things to make money, all with flexible hours and have proved to myself that it’s possible to make money and have time to live the life you choose.” 

She loves to share her experience and ideas on her blog so her readers can do the same. Expect posts like 20 ways to stop shopping and save your money, how to make an extra £100 this week, and the best way to start earning a regular income on eBay.

Thrifty Yorkshire Mum

For this Mum, life’s about enjoying the best things on a budget
Image: Thrifty Yorkshire Mum

“I’ve always loved getting bargains, and making sure we get the most value out of the things we buy. Being thrifty to us is ensuring our money is not wasted, but instead used on the products and experiences we WANT to spend our money on,” writes Jade - AKA Thrifty Yorkshire Mum.

Ever considered earning money as a ‘mystery shopper’? Jade has the lowdown on this fun part-time gig. And if you’re getting ready to welcome a new baby into your family, she has some great ideas to help you save money on newborn essentials.

Thrifty Mum

Discover how to live your own luxury lifestyle on a budget
Image: food.kiro

Thrifty Mum Hollie lives a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. How? By watching her spending so that she can splurge on the things she loves. “When it comes to grocery shopping, that’s where I get really tight. I just don’t see the need to pay a crazy amount of money for tinned tomatoes when I could get the exact same thing but in an unbranded label for a quarter of the price.”

Hollie shows how to save money on boring things like spring cleaning and utility bills and put powerful money-saving methods into action, like the cash envelope system. And we love her list of money lessons she wishes she’d learnt earlier in life.

We hope you’ve enjoyed all of this frugal advice. If you’ve got any of your own thrifty tips you’d like to share, we’d love to read them on our Facebook page.

Lead Image: Yulia Grigoryeva

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