School’s back in session, and our littleun’s are back to tearing around the playground with their imaginations dialed up to 100%. Why not teach them some of these classic games that they can take back to the school yard and, in turn, teach their friends and pass on the fun!


Children have been playing hopscotch for generations due it’s simplistic, yet fun, nature. Grab some chalk and head outside to draw up some numbered boxes on the concrete in a safe area. Now’s your chance to show the kids how it’s done - gently throw a stone at one of the boxes and hop to the number and back without losing your balance.

Clapping games

Teach your kids a few clapping-game rhymes from your old repertoire, “Pat-a-Cake” is a good one to start with, and then challenge them to make up their own. The results are bound to be entertaining and hilarious in equal measure as you see their imaginations, musical abilities and vocabulary come into play.

Chain tag

Different from ordinary ‘tag’, the tables are turned in the favour of the chaser. When you get branded ‘it’ by the person chasing, you then link arms with them and help catch the next victim until everyone is linked together and one player is left with nowhere to run!


This one takes the right amount of courage and judgement, and is definitely not for those lacking spacial awareness! Split the kids into teams of two, and make one the ‘frog’ and the other the ‘stone’. The frog jumps over the stone, then they switch, jump and keep switching, in a race to the finish line.

Ring a ring of roses

Despite it’s slightly grim origins, this combination of singing and skipping in a circle always gets a giggle when it comes the part of ‘we all fall down’. Teach it to your little ones and we’re certain it’ll be a firm favourite!


One rope. Two handles. Endless hours of fun. Chances are you might find it a little bit harder now than you did as a child, but teach your kids some of your favourite skipping games and moves from your playground memories and then leave the jumping up to them.

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