Looking for inspiration to help you and your family live a greener life? Here are some fantastic blogs to get you started. Full of simple swaps, zero-waste tips and eco-friendly ideas for the whole family to try, bookmark these blogs if you want to live a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable lifestyle.

Emma Reed

Build a bug house to attract pollinators
Image: Emma Reed

If you have a garden, and you’re spending more time in it during lockdown, check out Emma Reed’s guide to building a bug house. Emma says: “Bugs play important roles and having them in our gardens is natural and needed.” It’s a great home education project for the kids, too!

Emma is a mum of two and blogs about her family’s journey to becoming more eco-friendly. From reducing plastic waste to making your garden greener, it’s full of advice and projects you can tackle as a family.

Just Eilidh

Save money with these zero waste bathroom swaps
Image: Just Eilidh

If you have some sustainable living goals this year, your bathroom is a great place to start. Take a look at these tried and tested zero waste bathroom swaps over at Just Eilidh. They’re better for the environment - and they’ll also save you money. What’s more, says Eilidh, her bathroom now feels a lot calmer and her skin is better!

Eilidh shares her ideas and thoughts on living a green life, from how to reduce plastic use as a family to what it’s actually like to use a natural deodorant. If you’re even slightly tempted to make the switch, read her post first!


Emma’s blog is full of easy eco swaps
Image: Mamalina

Move on to the kitchen with these low-waste kitchen swaps, courtesy of Mamalina. Run by mother-of-three Emma Ross, Mamalina is a source of practical posts and videos with a focus on ‘slow’ and sustainable parenting.

We’re inspired by her post on simple ways to reduce waste as a family - including an eco egg with cleaning pellets that last up to three years! And check out her 3-minute video tutorial on how to make DIY deodorant. Who knew it was so easy!

Labelless Mum

Find alternatives to plastic without the hassle
Image: Labelless Mum 

Finding alternatives to plastic may seem expensive and hard work if you’re a busy parent - but it doesn’t have to be. ‘Labelless Mum’ Nadja says: “In most cases, you’re not really adding any extra work or spending huge amounts of money. Instead, it’s all about creating new habits and awareness.”

Her seven easy plastic free swaps for busy parents will get you started quickly and painlessly. For example, did you know you could rent a party box to avoid throwing away a load of disposable party accessories every time your kids have a birthday? Genius!

Moral Fibres

Prepare for the return to school with these eco-friendly supplies
Image: Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is a green lifestyle blog that shows how easy and affordable it can be to live a greener life - without compromising your sense of style. Wendy Graham is on a mission to bust the myths surrounding sustainable living: educating and informing, rather than preaching; hip, rather than hippie.

There’s plenty of practical advice for families, from hints and tips on eco-friendly potty training to places to buy ethical kids clothes, sustainable toys and eco-friendly school supplies.

My Zero Waste

Involve the kids in a greener lifestyle
Image: Shutterstock

It’s not hard to include your children in a more eco-friendly lifestyle, says Mrs Green of My Zero Waste: “Children are naturally caring, especially about animals or the environment. If you’re already living a zero waste lifestyle, they’ll automatically adopt it.”

Got some old clothes to recycle? Reduce the amount of kitchen roll you use by getting kids to help you cut ripped or damaged t-shirts into reusable washcloths and dusters. For more simple, practical activities to try at home, check out Mrs Green’s tips for how to be zero waste and eco-friendly with your children.

Spot of Earth

Re-use glass jars to cut down on packaging
Image: Spot of Earth

In the hierarchy of waste reduction, ‘re-use’ comes before ‘recycle’. And if you’re looking to reduce plastic and re-use packaging, there’s nothing more versatile than a glass jar.

Over at Spot of Earth, Helen McGonigal shares 10 practical tips for re-using glass jars, from storing homemade cleaning products and toiletries to making thoughtful gifts. Or why not make your own jam to use up excess fruit and stop it going to waste?

Team Worrall

Create rainbow paper hearts as a lockdown activity
Image: Team Worrall

Jo Worrall, a mother of three boys, is embracing a more eco-friendly life the whole family can enjoy. If, like her, you have eco goals for this year, follow her family’s eco adventures on her blog, Team Worrall.

And if you’re putting rainbows in your windows at the moment to show support for the NHS, try these folded paper hearts as a lockdown activity with the kids. Jo says: “They don’t take long to make and, with a little help, even my four-year-old managed to make a few!”

Eco Thrifty Living

Reduce food waste with your kids
Image: Barbara_Krupa

Sustainable living can seem expensive. But Zoë Morrison says that being green can actually reduce your outgoings. Blogging at Eco Thrifty Living, she shares practical tips to help you save the planet and save money.

For example, there’s a lot you can do to reduce food waste, but it can be tricky to get little ones on board. Zoë’s top tips to reduce food waste with kids will help you overcome common problems - such as when your child over-fills the cereal bowl, or takes a bite out of an apple then decides they don’t want the rest!

The Green Familia

Turn your house into an eco home
Image: ponsulak

Described as ‘the light green shopping blog for families’, The Green Familia helps you shop green and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Reviewing the latest green products, from organic chocolate to organic toothpaste for kids, it’s ideal if you’re looking to change your shopping habits.

The Green Familia is packed with plenty of green living tips too. If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint this year, check out these 10 ways you can turn your house into an eco home. There are even some healthy recipes to spice up family mealtimes (the Moroccan chickpea soup is delicious!)

We hope we’ve provided plenty of inspiration to help you and your family live a greener life. If your family has any eco-friendly tips to share, we’d love to hear them. Get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

Lead image: Raxpixel.com

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