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Sal's Shoes

More Than Just Indestructible Shoes

Our aim is to make amazing shoes for kids. Shoes that last the rigours of the playground and ultimately, save parents time and money. But while most of us are lucky enough to be able to afford such simple things as school shoes, for some it is a luxury.

For an estimated 300 million children in the world, the simple act of walking in shoes is a rarity. This can lead to infection and injuries, which are usually left untreated. Without school shoes, many kids won't be allowed to go to school. We wanted to help, and that is where Sal's comes in.

What is Sal’s Shoes?

Like our own story, Sal’s shoes began when a parent had an idea. That parent was CJ Bowry, and when her son, Sal, had once again outgrown a perfectly good pair of shoes, she wanted to make sure they found a new home. Unable to find a charity where she could donate those pre-loved shoes, she decided to cut out the middleman and do it on her own.

"One of the very reasons I set up Sal’s Shoes, after contacting charities that do similar, was so that I (and all shoe donors) could ensure that I know exactly where and how the shoes are being distributed."

Since it began in 2013, Sal’s has grown to be a worldwide shoe-giving hit. The charity has helped children in 38 countries, including Cambodia, Syria and the UK too.

"In our first year, we collected 4,805 pairs of shoes and distributed them in 8 countries, including in the UK. To date, in 5 years, we have now found new feet for over a million pairs of pre-loved children's shoes in 38 countries around the world."

Treads and Sals

Sal’s is a small, but growing, charity. Some shoes travel up to 10,000 miles in order to find new feet. This costs money, and that’s where we, and you, come in.

We have agreed to help Sal’s with their Toe to Toe initiative. At the end of the academic year we are encouraging schools throughout the UK to take off their school shoes and leave them on the desk. The donated shoes will then be sent to another child somewhere in the world who doesn’t have a pair. Having donated your shoes to this wonderful charity we would like to help you with the cost of buying a new pair with a 10% discount off our entire range. For every pair purchased using our special code we will also donate £1 to Sals. Its as simple as that. You save, we give and Sal’s Shoes gets help finding new feet for kids shoes around the world. Hundreds of schools have already signed up, so why not get involved?

For further information on Sal’s and the Toe to Toe initiative please click here.

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