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The Treads Story

My Story

As a single parent raising children, its often one challenge after another. One major discovery was that my kids' school shoes needed replacing on a regular basis, sometimes in a matter of weeks. Nothing seemed to last. If I spent £50 on an established high street brand there'd soon be holes in the uppers or straps coming off.

If I went down the cheaper option from the supermarket, the sole would remove itself from the shoe altogether with toes poking through.

Having worked in the shoe industry for many years, I knew the shoes I was buying were not fit for purpose and there had to be a better solution. So I got to work

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About Treads

About Treads

The Problem

The shoes I was buying used cheap materials and were nearly always poorly made. The attention to detail was sadly lacking with very little thought going into comfort and durability. In short the companies I was buying from were looking to make a "quick buck"

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The Solution

Footwear used in the industrial and construction work place is designed to provide the highest protection and durability possible, in hugely unforgiving environments. The construction and more importantly the materials used need to be the very best in order to comply with very rigorous certification. So I wondered, "What if you apply the same materials and technology into making a school shoe?"

So that's what I did!

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About Treads

The Treads Story

March 2015

About Treads

Frustrating Times

School shoes kept on breaking, sometimes in a matter of weeks.

September 2015

About Treads

Initial Concept Testing

Group of boys wear safety shoes to school to see if they can withstand the test of the school yard.

February 2016

About Treads

Testing All Components

Rigourously testing key components for durability.

January 2017

About Treads

Developing Styles

Working with local school pupils to develop new styles.

October 2017

About Treads

Wear Tests

Styles are developed and worn as wear trials by local pupils, to test for durability and comfort.

February 2018

About Treads

Girl Shoes Designs

The designs for girls shoes start to fall into place

March 2018

About Treads

Launch Day

Eight new styles are launched via our website.

January 2019

About Treads

Girls Shoes Launch

Watch this space, January 2019.

March 2019

About Treads

New Range of Girls Shoes

Five new styles are launched via our website.

August 2019

New Styles for Back to School

Two new styles are launched via our website.

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