The Treads Story

As a single parent I am all too familiar with the constant daily challenges of family life. When it came to choosing school shoes, I instinctively went for the leading high street brands. The household names that have become institutions in the children's footwear market, names previous generations had grown up with and learned to trust.

The major discovery, however, was that the school shoes needed replacing on a regular basis, sometimes in a matter of weeks. I found myself regularly parting with £50 plus each time. and this soon became an all too regular and increasingly frustrating cycle. The shoes would return home in various states of disrepair, holes in the uppers and broken straps.

The stitching would come apart within a matter of weeks, the eyelets would pull through and more often than not the soles would be worn out completely. I knew there had to be a better solution, and as someone who works in the shoe industry, set about creating the ultimate school shoe. One that would stand up to the rigours of any school yard. Over 2 years of extensive research and development later, Treads was born. The ultimate school shoe.

I genuinely believe that you will not find a better school shoe.

Treads is now firmly part of the BVG GROUP Ltd, a true multichannel UK based online retailer based in Brecon in Mid Wales. Established in 1991, each year the group sells over 400,000 shoes through its established brands Samuel Windsor and Clifford James, distributes over 20 million catalogues, and places over 3,700 pages in national newspapers. Our online activities result in over 30 million visits to our websites each year. Annually, BVG Group ships over 4m orders to its customers.

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